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The Million Credit Engineer
« on: November 17, 2011, 04:58:24 am »
Okay not really a million, more like a hundred. Let's cover another class, this time from the defense category. Engineers are very useful, whether you wanna set up shop in your home base and give your teammates some peace of mind, or you like to set up little forward bases, dens, and hidey holes for the team on the move. Like my Medic strategems, we'll look at two distinct roles that the Engineer can possess. First off:


On defense, your playstyle is probably gonna be pretty simple. You'll put up a sentry and dispenser near some tactically valuable point and a teleporter to somewhere nearby. So your ideal roll combination is gonna be suited more for staying put and staying alive. Here's my favorite set of Engineer-favoring rolls.

Turtles All The Way Down.. To Dustbowl Point 1

- Berserker
- Backpack (Or Metal Man, if you prefer)
- Building Shield
- Armor

In addition, I recommend packing a normal Shotgun, the Short Circuit, and a Southern Hospitality, but that's my personal loadout.

This should give your nest a lot more longevity. Berserker will not only ensure that only the most concentrated of assaults will take down your buildings, it'll also let you set up in a fraction of the time and make quick work of invading spies and pyros. For me a Backpack is the way to go to replenish your metal count, since if you're fully set up you'll be earning points like no one's business, but apparently Metal Man is also a viable option if fully perk'd out. Putting a Building Shield on your sentry is a phenomenal way to mute the effectiveness of many long-range harrassments, from Direct Hit soldiers to Snipers. Be aware that it won't protect your gun from fully charged Cowmangler shots, though! And of course, Armor is a way to protect yourself from backstabs, headshots and critical explosives.

Other options that work are rolls like Class Immunity to protect yourself from the ever-vengeful Spies lurking around, Crouch Invisibility to lend yourself some secrecy if cover is scarce, or a Stonewall in place of a Backpack if you like to hold still.

When it comes to attracting attention, a good Engineer will already be a high priority target. This just makes you a little more so. Therefore, just keep a sharp eye out and try to coerce a pyro into running defense for you, or ask a teammate to drop a Snorlax or Punching Dummy in a critical location. It can make all the difference!

So here's that other role, for those of you who like to live vicariously through yourselves, and your little metal toys.

Offensive Engineer

This role will see you doing one of two things: throwing your Mini-Sentry in strategic locations to lend tide-turning support to battles and rear gaurd duties, or sprinting around like a maniac and whacking people with your wrench to cause massive mayhem. I can't cover both in one credit limit, so we'll split it.


- Redbull or Vampire
- Berserker
- Sentry Wrench

With a loadout of the Frontier Justice, Pistol, and Gunslinger.

This one's pretty simple and takes all 100 credits. Your goal is to run around the map and mess people up with your wrench, which will spawn time-limited sentries on their corpses that instantly jump into the fight. If you spend points into the Sentry Wrench's perk, you'll get stronger turrets, all the way up to level 3s, but they won't live as long. Redbull will give you more mobility and chase/evasion capabilities, but since there's no room for Armor, Vampire can help keep you alive when hacking at a bigger class. Berserker will help both your manic fist-pounding of the enemy team, and getting your own personal mini-sentry up when needed. This will also help give you ridiculous burst damage with the Frontier Justice should you earn revenge crits.

Now for a more short-lived and admittedly easier time, you could substitute armor for the vampire or redbull options, but once the armor is gone, it's gone for good, which is why I prefer the other two.

The Lone Gunman and co.:

- Redbull or Backpack
- Armor or Vampire
- Crit Spurts (It doesn't have a wiki page, can't remember how much it is)

And the ideal loadout would be the Widowmaker, Pistol, and Gunslinger.

A slightly more nuanced offensive class, this one has a similar agenda to the Technomancer but needs some more skill in the aim department. Redbull is there to make you speedier, no surprises there. The Backpack can be your backup should your aim with the Widowmaker prove shoddy. Armor is there for people who aren't very confident in their aim, and Vampire for those who are. And if Crit Spurts does fit in there, it's the perfect complement to your tactical advances.

The Widowmaker is the best choice for the job, hands down, with no reloads to speak of and no need to ever stop firing if you can hit your targets. Which is why you don't want any kind of fire-rate modifiers, save for perhaps a High Quick Strike trinket at most - any faster and you're liable to expend way too much metal. The Gunslinger will give you more health and a quickly-deployable companion, and the pistol is just insurance.

I believe you can add in Health Regen if you choose to go the backpack route - i'm not 100% on this. I suppose you could also substitute a Backpack Blizzard to freeze your victims in place long enough to finish them, and Crit Spurts isn't a necessity. Lastly, offensive Engineers should know that running either of these is a great way to get noticed by the enemy team, but not necessarily singled out - People might just end up avoiding you unless you do something really aggressive, like spawn camp or flank a strike force heading for a capture point. As long as you run in, hurt, and run away, you should last a while.

Well, I think that about covers it, but feedback is appreciated! I don't know who will need these, but it's nice to have them, right?
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Re: The Million Credit Engineer
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2011, 09:07:31 am »
Amplifiers work great when put next to your dispenser as mentioned in the amplifier thread.  Your sentry gun will deal minicrits too if you are near it.  Traps are great in places that are easy to sneak to your sentry nest.  Snorlax blocking a back door, bear trap, slow cube, spiders can go a long way to protect your stuff if teammates aren't around. 

Teleporters are very important on RTD.  They work great with the instant respawns.  If you have trouble with turtling engineers, take out the teleporter at the base, kill some of his friends, then focus on him.


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Re: The Million Credit Engineer
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2011, 10:12:18 am »
Playing as Engineer:

Spiders. Spiders are an engineers best friend, as you can call them when you're in trouble, they WILL alert you to possible spies (if you listen), and will help you focus if an attack is incoming. Even if they take you out, the amount of damage a spider does will most likely keep your nest in tack.

Metal Man if you've leveled it up all the way is unbelieveable. You really don't run out of metal. And your limit is higher (250), which helps with things like the widowmaker.

Amplifiers are very helpful, especially if you have the perk that you don't take mini crit damage. That and the fact that you can repair it makes it that much more powerful.

In hellish situations, a quick buy of jarate bullets with the pistol can be very effective. It'll take a lot of classes down quickly, especially when paired with a high quick strike trinket.  Which is the trinket you want to be using when your an engineer. Quick whack times with the wrench, shotgun/pistol become that much more effective.

Don't under estimate cows as an engineer either. There's a reason why I've been known to buy multiple cows besides the whole "shit cows" thing. Cows provide you health when you need it: and a blanket of spy checking. Placing cows at the entrance points of a room will reveal spies (milk them).



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Re: The Million Credit Engineer
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2011, 10:20:45 am »
Playing against an Engineer:

Pumpkins. I cannot say this enough. If you're a spy, pumpkins become your friend against a really heavy turtling engineer. dropping three pumpkins down quickly, and shooting them will take out almost every sentry nest in the vicinity. The fact is only costs 5 to purchase is just a benefit and allows you a lot of tries to get rid fo it, but if you're smart, it'll only take one/two.

Groovitrons are actually really useful in taking out sentry nests. The thing that they do is not allow the engineer to keep whacking his sentry, allow teammates to take it down easier. Ghosts to a lesser effect, but the big thing about the groovitron is the delay on keeping people in the air and allowing you to isolate the engineer from his building. Spies can get in and place it without even uncloaking either, and it's only 15 to buy. Again, a good tool to take out a turtling engineer.

Punching Dummies can also be effective, but not worth the price to buy one. You roll it however, and place it near the sentry, the engineer won't be able to get back to it, either force to take it out or abandon the sentry. Again, best done as a spy. Same thing with proxy mines.

Cows are suprisingly good and bad for an engineer. The problem with cows for an engineer is simple: it provides a barrier. If the engineer doesn't have a wrangler, putting a cow to act as a wall gives more room to operate and get closer to the sentry to destroy, or let the cow take enough damage to take the nest out.

Mirror Damage can be useful to help pick off engineers due to their sentries, especially if you have a medic buddy around.