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To whom it may concern,

Hi, so on my days off I like to get the server going and will usually be the first person on in the evening/afternoon. One of the most common second arrivals is Tri. Tri insists on playing scout and only scout. For anyone that has read the wikis it's very obvious that scout can out manuver all the classes. Awesome. So the most common scenario is that Tri will keep on killing whoever is on the other team when it's 1v1 until the person leaves. I feel that this delays the server from populating and from making the server a lot less appealing to people who might have never played on the server before.

Isn't that their problem, though? It being their fault that they're not able to kill someone on 1 vs. 1 where everyone has the same advantages with classes and amount of teammates. But now, rollstacking while on the server empty; waiting for it to populate, would be a different story, but what you're describing doesn't seem too extreme; it just seems like Tri's normal behavior (Join early, go Scout, never stop playing).

Sooo, we can't kill on the server when it's 1v1?  Da hell?

Tri's a dick.  This isn't new.  Sorry you died.  Hopefully he cools it a bit.

Gibus-Toting Irishman:

--- Quote ---For anyone that has read the wikis it's very obvious that scout can out manuver all the classes.
--- End quote ---


Assuming equal skill level, a Soldier and a Heavy will probably beat a Scout.

Buy rolls if he's too hard to kill. It's a common problem in the mornings; since there's only a few players, individual skill matters much more. Often there's a team with two good players that wins every round and the other team completely quits, killing the server. There's no way to stop it short of saying "good players, don't join in the morning".


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