Author Topic: Hulk: Conquering Goliath, starting David the Pyro.  (Read 1067 times)


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Hulk: Conquering Goliath, starting David the Pyro.
« on: February 28, 2012, 09:46:05 am »
The Hulk seems like a unstoppable force at times, especially in the hands of a competent player who knows how to use him. Being a melee only punching machine with increased speed and a bit of armor, along with a bit of increased melee speed, the hulk can give a lot of classes fits in terms fo being able to battle him on an even ground. This comes in particular with dueling a hulk, which is never a good basis to start off on.

Some tips for handling the Hulk are as followed:
  • Gravity is the Hulks enemy: One thing that people don't realize about the hulk is the fact that he's affected by gravity a lot. It's like he's got constant low gravity on, which means that if he's in the air, he sorta stuck up there. And unlike the gravity roll, hitting shift won't bring him down quicker. This is why the pyro shines against the Hulk: Airblasting him into the air, especially into a corner, takes away the hulks ability to move/deal with problems. If a team can be focused on taking down the hulk, one pyro airblasting him will mean a quick death for the Hulk. Alternating between fire/airblast can widdle down armor significantly as well, to the point where the hulk has to either retreat, or run for a healthpack. A good loadout against a hulk is Degreaser, Reserve shooter, and axtinguisher. Reserve shooter for once you get him in the air, degreaser due to the airblast amount/fast weapon switch, and Axtinguisher because of the damage it could deal with a lit hulk.  But combine this with:
  • Buy a slowcube, especially if you're a pyro. The biggest problem the hulk faces in that gravity issue, and it can be compounded if you can get him in a slowcube. Airblast him into a slowcube, and his dangling there for a little bit, more then enough time to do significant damage.
  • Watch the Hulk to see if he's got a pattern, then strike as a spy. A lot of the consistent Hulk buyers on the server have plans in terms of using the hulk. Most of the time, they have a zone they patrol in terms of looking for enemies, especially on defense. What the hulk usually doesn't want to round a corner to an enemy sentry, or any significant surprises. They usualy will run the same route over and over again, and with a CnD spy, learn his pattern, then strike when he makes his rounds.
    • Be prepared to die against the hulk a couple of times, if necessary. Again, when a hulk's on the field, he should be a priority to being taken out. Doing a signfiicant amount of damage against the hulk but dying in the process is a good trade, because of short respawn times.
    • Engineers are your friend. The hulk may have armor, but laying down minisentries and getting the first attack on a hulk will start to wear on the hulk eventually.
      • Natascha helps when he's running low on armor, to slow down the hulk, but it's only when really necessary.
      • An obvious one: Buy heavy immunity.



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Re: Hulk: Conquering Goliath, starting David the Pyro.
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2012, 06:45:34 pm »

I just backstab the hulk using my uber skills as a spy.  Protip: Disguise as an enemy, watch the hulk out of the corner of your eye and when he passes you (Standing still works sometimes to concentrate on the stab), strike fast and hard.  There goes all of his armor/you kill him outright.  Timing is of the essence. :D

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