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Scavenger Hunt Objective List
« on: February 29, 2012, 12:44:19 am »
Scavenger hunt Objective List

Team 1 Grand Total: 8610

Team 2 Grand Total: 8300

^Inaccurate scores. Due to specific reasons the game is called to a tie.^

Team 1 Points: 2850

Team 2 Points:  2360

Both teams

Vintage Tasks (from last scavenger hunt)

Very Easy Tasks (20 points) Red: 100 Blue: 100
Stryder…I don’t even know her!: Get a screenshot of Stryder blowing up.
Artistry: Get a screenshot of Rhia’s bullet art.
The game has changed: Buy or roll a roll that ultimately wins or loses your team the game.
Bomberman: Get 5 bombs in a screenshot.
Pest control: Kill a Spider.

Easier Tasks (30 points) Red: 270 Blue: 270
Bye, bitch: Use rubber bullets to knock someone off a cliff.
The longest uber….ever: Be a Medic with a medi-raydar, healing someone with an ubercharger to have an extensively long uber.
Spidermang: Uber a Spider that kills 2 people.
Maxed out: Buy, be given, and give out 100 credits worth of rolls per each action (300 total).
Hoard mode: Have your teammates buy zombies and have at least 10 in a screenshot.
Healin’ is what I’m dealin’: Perform 5 amputator taunts in one life that heal and help your team out.
Fire n’ fire: Gang up with a Pyro and Scoot using the sharpened volcano fragment and sun on a stick in melee mode to get kills.
Brass Breast: Whip a brass beast Heavy to move him along and have him get 3 kills.

Winrar: Help capture a point while you’ve rolled Loser.
Receive and you shall gift: Give Dragnix a gift using the Secret Saxton (not Pile O’ gifts).

My Milk is delicious: Win a day’s ribbon for most players milked.
Embrace Pain: Win a day’s award ribbon for most Pain Train kills.
Payload overboard: Win Boundary by having the enemy team’s cart fall off the cliff.

Medium Tasks (40 points) Blue: 320 Red: 280

Cod Mode: Instakill someone with Instakills.
BALLS OF STEEL: Win Steel on BLU by capturing all the points.
Salt in the wounds: Dominate someone on the other scavenger hunt team.
Sucking real good: Store 20 crits on the man melter.
Gib me moni: Gib 3 people with one loch and load shot.
How’d you get there?: Use a Sentry and wrangler to build in a location you can’t normally get to.

NOM NOM: Knock someone into Little Chew Chew on Frontier so they get eaten.
Pew pew: Kritzkrieg a class with laser guns that ultimately gets 5 kills.

Stab stab stab: Chainstab 5 people as a Spy while using Redbull.

Hard Tasks (50 points) Blue: 350 Red: 600

Krono Triggered: Kill Kronos in a slowcube.
Stickied!: Airblast stickybombs back at a Demoman to get him killed.
Conservation: Store 10 crits on the diamondback.
RAMPAGE: Kritzkrieg an Engi with the widowmaker who gets at least 3 kills.
Getting Head: Collect 7 heads with the bazaar bargain.
Not so subtle: Kill an invisible person.
Phlogisti-later!: Taunt kill a Pyro using “mmmrrff”.

Med Duck: While DeadDuck is an engineer, Uber him while under attack to save his stuff.
Vengeance is mine: Get 2 revenges in the same kill feed.
Die, Toby: Kill Jarrett with the whip while he’s a Demoman.
Cruising for a Bruising: Kill Tom Cruise when he’s Scout Jumping with a Sniper shot.
Bushido Blade: Get 3 samurai duel kills in row without dying.

Merry Christmas: Take a screenshot with 5 presents in it.
Deadman: Airblast tehman off a cliff while he’s a spy.
Long Match: Win a CTF map and receive 10 dice.
Kill Kil: Kill Kilandor and Taunt over his body.
Denied: Headshot Spycheck while he’s at 100% uber.

Very Hard Tasks (60 points) Blue: 600 Red: 720

Killception: Make a Spy Frag video, get at least 10 kills, have it be at least 2:20, and play it to this song:

Honor bound: Kill a rocket jumping soldier or demo in midair with the half zaitoichi while they have a half zaitoichi.
Laughter is the best medicine: Stop an uber using the holiday punch.
Surprise cockfags!: Sentry jump using the wrangler and a level 3 Sentry and pick it up at the same time to deploy it somewhere else on the battlefield so that it gets at least 1 kill.
I feel your pain: Kill 2 people at the same time using The Third Degree.
Wtf mates?: Telefrag someone.
Time is short: Buy time, then have your team win the round.
MINE: Kill someone going for a Red die, then take it.
RANK UP! MASTER SERGENT SERGENT SHOOTER PERSON TO THE MAX!: Obtain a Maximum trinket via smelting or buying.
Thievery with style: Use an Instaporter with the intelligence to teleport back to your intel room to cap.

Train Train: Freeze someone who then gets run over by a train.
Live Five: Save or be saved by the High five taunt.

4 Ponies of the Apocolypse: Dominate 4 Bronies in one game.
Hot Potato: Bounce Doom back and forth 10 times.

Team Tasks (80 points) Blue: 720 Red: 880
Who’s Who?: Have 5 of your team dress up exactly the same.
Class Attack: Have your entire team win a round as 1 class.
Looking for group: Quest with a Mage, Priest, Warrior, and Rogue by having costumes that fit each class.
The Odd Bunch: Have a Pirate, Cowboy, Samurai, and a Scientist on your team using hat and misc items.
Concert time: Have 5 instruments playing at the same time. (Horns, Saws, Guitars, Boombox, and Electric Guitar.)
Occupy 2fort: Have your entire team protest a round using the conscious objector and / or melee weapons.
SWEET RAVE PARTY: Win a round where most of your team is only using laser weapons.

Our arrows will blot out the sun: Have at least 5 people go huntsman sniper and coordinate shooting arrow volleys at the same time.
TEAMWORK: Win a game where you have at least 1 of each class and at least 5 people from your team for the scavenger hunt.

Ccccc-combo Medic: Successfully pull off a Medic combo 4 times in a row (4 total ubers).
Stone cold stunner: Win a melee mode map as mostly Sandman scouts.

Space Oddity: Have 3 people each with a full Dr. Grodbort set (Engi, Pyro, and Soldier)

Octo Heavy: Have 8 Medics heal 1 Heavy, and have all 8 get at least 1 domination.

Impossible Tasks (100 points)
Dominatrix: Dominate 10 people at the same time.
Money Well Spent: Marry someone in game.
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Re: Scavenger Hunt Objective List
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2012, 07:32:47 pm »
Non TF2 Games

These objectives work differently.  You get 10 points for one earned in a group, 30 for the 2nd one, and 50 for all three.

Team 1 Points: 1830

Team 2 Points: 1960

Both teams:

Minecraft: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
I’m TNT (I’m dynamite):  Blow up 5 TNT at the same time (before / after picture).
Tribute:  Build something RTD related.
Catdog:  Have a cat and dog in the same picture.

Skyrim: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Wabberjack!: Turn someone into a chicken using the wabberjack.  (before / after pics)
Why can’t I hold all these cabbages?:  Fill a room with cabbages.
Slay the Dragon:  Get a screenshot of the death animation of you or the dragon while fighting a dragon.

Left for Dead 2: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Carn-ee-vall!: Beat the carnival level with 3 other RTD members in L4D2
Propane Nightmares: Beat a level bringing a propane tank to the end room.
Fire bullets: Take a screenshot of 10 zombies on fire.

Borderlands: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
It’s a secret to everyone: Get a screenshot of the developers chest in Borderlands.
No guns, No grenades, Roland only, Final Destination: Win a duel against another RTD member.
Hey, I’m over here!: Find the hidden CL4P- TR4P in Firestone.

Psychonauts: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Solid Snake Apprentice: Take a picture of Raz as a box.
Brain Leech: Get a picture of a lamphrey on Raz’s head.
DING!: Get a picture of Raz right after you’ve leveled up.

Terraria: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Demolition man:  Demolish an entire pink/blue cursed castle to flat land.
SLIMED:  Kill the Boss Slime.
Thats Dice:  Make something RTD related.

Bastion: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Turret Orchestra: Get a picture of 3 Portal turrets together
CRIT Happens:  Get a picture of a crit that is over 100 damage.
Base of Operations:  Build each building at the bastion how you want, and take a picture of the whole thing.

SpaceChem (10, 30, 50) Red: 40 Blue: 40
State Alchemist:  Turn lead into Gold.
Wordimify:  Spell a word using elements bonded together.  Must be a real word with 3 different letters.
MEEEEE-NEEERRRPPP:  Beat the game.

Tribes Ascend (10, 30, 50) Blue: 40 Red: 0
Blue Plate Special!:  Kill someone with a direct spinfusor hit.
Vehicular Manslaughter: Run five people over with any vehicle  (They'd post a pic of the end game acolades)
Sticky Badass:  Kill an enemy with a sticky grenade.

Civilization V (10, 30, 50) Blue: 40 Red: 0
Time to restratigize:  Play a game (at least 100 turns) with someone from RTD.
KHHHAAAAANNNN:  Backstab another CIV as Genghas Khan (Make peace, then declare war).
Robot rampage: Take over a city using a robot.

Saints Row 3 (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Highway Congestion:  Cause a 5 car pile up using a cement truck.
The Hangover:  Start a shootout with a tiger in the car.
Batter up!:  Knock someone off the roof with a giant dildo.

Super Monday Night Combat (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Choke the Chicken:  Ride Chicky Cantor.
Knock em' out the box luke:  Achieve a ringout on a player.
Zap motherfucker:  Activate the annihilator.

GTA IV: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
5 star restaurant: Get 5 stars, then enter any food establishment.
Failure Inbound: Fail the first mission.
WOAH: Do an “insane” stunt jump.

Fallout: New Vegas: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Psychopath: Murder everyone in GoodSprings.
Mission Hopper: Kill Benny before reaching level 5.
Dirty Hoarder: Collect 100 bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla, and store it all in a dumpster.

Plants vs. Zombies: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
True Botanist: Beat Zombotany.
Gardener: Fill your day garden plants.
Sunshine: Fill 3 solid rows with Sunflowers on any level.

Poker Night at the Inventory: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 40
Steep Advantage: Knock out the 3rd person when the 4th person only has <2000 chips.
Grand Finale: Have you and the last person both go all in (over 5000 chips each), and  knock them out to win.
Your first huge step: Knock out someone on the first round (everyone having default cash) by both of you going all in.

Portal 2: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Sabotage: Kill your teammate.
Ro-Sham-Bo!: Win rock paper scissors 3 times.
LEEEROOOOOY JE-: Successfully do a speedrun of any non custom map (will compare to worldwide scores, no cheats).

Saint’s Row: The Third: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Hang Ten: Surf on a pedestrian.
Deed Transfer: Successfully win over a territory.
Can it shoot rainbows next?: Fully upgrade any weapon.

Skyrim_v2: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Swish!: Bounce a cabbage off of a roof and into a bucket.
M’aiq is done scavenger hunting: Find M’aiq the Liar.
Heavy Weapons Guy: Find the Giant’s Club.

Skyrim_v3: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
I left my clothes at home: Pickpocket all of someone’s clothes off.
Whoops; I sneezed: Use Unrelenting Force to push someone off a cliff.
No creepers here: Find the Minecraft reference.

Counter Strike: Source: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Last Man Standing: Be the last man standing.
Quick Offense: Immediately plant the bomb as fast as you can, and have it go off successfully.
Shanked: Get a knife kill.

Shoot Many Robots: (10, 30, 50[/color)[/u] Blue: 90 Red: 90
Gnormal day at the office: have all members firing gnome launchers.
Hat simulator 2.0: Mimic a tf2 loadout.
Max dice collector:  Be number one at the end of the round.

Nation Red: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 40 Red: 40
DOCTOOR: As a medic, help a teamate up 3 times in one match.
Degroot Keep:  Finish the round with only melee kills with at least 50 kills.
DRAGONIX CODE MORE PERKS:  In the non random perk mode, max out the perks you can get in one match.

Hero Academy: (10, 30, 50) Blue: 90 Red: 90
Our forces are under attack:  Have at least 3 games going with people from RTD.
We require more minerals:  Blow up a crystal.
Upgrade complete:  Use an engineer to upgrade at least 3 of your units in one turn.
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Re: Scavenger Hunt Objective List
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2012, 09:33:08 pm »
New Summer Objectives

Team 1 Points:  860

Team 2 Points: 930

Both teams

Very Easy (10 points) Blue: 70 Red: 70
Scrapan’:  Scrapbank with another player.
Immuninize: Buy Class Immunity and kill that class.
Repair man man man man:  Fix an amplifier from 100 health to full health by meleing it.
Fucking whatever: Do a stupid ass 360 noscope. :|
One helluva drug: Kill 4 people in one life as a Heavy with Speed.
Shiv it where da sun don’t shine: Get a Tribalman’s Shiv bleed kill while dead.
It’s all you need...: Survive a headshot with 1 hp using the Croc-o-style kit.

Easy (20 points) Blue: 100 Red: 100
Eureka!: Suggest a new roll that Fox codes.
The gift of giving: Give 3 gifts in a row.
Bear trappin':  Catch a heavy in a bear trap.
French tickler:  Tickle a spy as a heavy
Saving grace:  Pick up a spider, amplifier, slice and dice or punching dummy and bring it with you to the next round.
Answer to everything: Take a screenshot of Mariomario42 having 42 points.

Medium (30 points) Red: 180 Blue: 180
Sting Ray’d: Win a taunt kill battle with a Sniper as a Sniper.
Look, a distraction!: Backstab someone looking at a spray.
Net gain: Kill yourself to kill at least 2 other people.
Hidden in plain view:  Do a spycrab taunt behind a sniper who doesn't see you.
What a view:  Get a picture of the sniper NPC on thunder mountain during an RTD game.
CAGE MATCH:  Cage someone carrying your intel.

Hard (40 points) Blue: 240 Red: 280
The true Head of Administration: Mantread kill an Admin anywhere but Facing Worlds.
Overkill: Win a dueling game match by getting at least 10 more kills than the other person
Green thumb: Market Garden dominate another player.
Tomb raider:  Win Egypt as blue and take a picture of the treasure room.
Thats wack yo:  Win a wacky race (on the RTD server)
Da bomb: Get at least 4 kills at once using a bomb.
You are a pirate:  Be a pirate (any class, preferred demo) get at least 10 kills, survive for 2:10 mins and make a video to this song:
Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song

Trapped: As a Spy, trap an Engi in your cage so you may destroy his building(s) successfully.
ULTIMATE BATTLE:  Get a screenshot where the majority of people change their names and avatars to different super heroes / celebrities / famous people.

Very Hard (50 points)  Blue: 100 Red: 50
He was number one:  Be number 1 on the rtd server for one month during the summer scavenger hunt.
Unusual findings: Unbox an unusual hat.
Dead dino:  Kill a Yoshi.
Frogger: Go Gas Jockey Pyro with Redbull (w/ perk) and Super Jump (maximum) to an enemy to kill them while wearing a Green hat (or a yellow hat on blue team [yellow + blue = green]).

Team Tasks ( 60 points) Blue: 240 Red: 180
O.k Coral: Win a round with at least 5 of your teammates dressed up as cowboys.
Yamato cannon:  Have 5 soldiers on your team coordinate firing off charged cowmangler shots.
We  Win a melee mode map with your team as spys.
Pandering:  Win a melee mode map with the majority of your team using the frying pan.
FOR SCIENCE:  Play (you can win or lose.  don't stage this) a round where most of your team is engineers and make a video using this song:
Spacechem - Working
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Re: Scavenger Hunt Objective List
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2012, 06:35:23 pm »
Bounty List

Team 1 Points: 1380

Team 2 Points:  1410

Authority Kills (30 points each)  Red:420 Blue: 360

(Kill someone while wearing police / cowboy / military / assassin gear (hats, misc, ect) and kill someone with shotgun / pistol / revolver )
(If its something that exists in real life that is practical on a day to day basis (or was in the past) it counts).

(You can buy rolls for these too guys like instant kills *hint hint*)

An Annoying 'Brony'
12 Year old Kid
Someone who's drunk
Dominating someone
Revenge killing someone
An afk person in spawn
2 people at once
Someone who picked up a dice or a present with crits
Avenge a team mate who just died from this person
Someone with a Gibus
Someone with an unusual hat
Another person going for a bounty
Taunt with your bounty stuff after getting this bounty
Someone with a cow on their back
Take a pickupable after you kill this person who had a pickupable
Someone with doom who dies from doom
Someone while you are both in pyroland
Kill spycheck when he's "Link"
Kill Fox

Specific kills (30 points each) Red: 960 Blue 1050

Dragnix with an item that was gifted to you from him
Cogen with a laser weapon.
Rhia with a backscratcher
[SC] ラグナロク with a kunai, or half zaitochi
Frosty the suicidal snowman with the backburner

Stryder with an airblasted rocket
Maxipad with any medic saw
Spiderbrony with a manmelter
John2k4 with the half zaitoichi
Golgi with the cowmangler

Rhia (again) with the righteous bison
Dragnix with a critical enforcer shot
Numberwang with the sandman
Katniss with a lollipop
Numberwang with the shashalah

Jarrett with the scotsman skullcutter
Deadduck with a fish
Handbana with the hatchet
Dragonsis with the fists of steel
Stryder with a fish

Panzer with the market gardener
Mario with the scorch shot
Jarrett with the axetinguisher
Cogen with the beggers bazooka
Rhia with the cowmangler

Dragnix with a sharpened volcano fragment
Deadduck with the hitmans headtaker
Spiderbrony with the baby's face blaster
Halorym with the atomizer

Knock London London London London London London London London London London London Abridge off a bridge where he dies from fall damage
Gibus with a reflected rocket

Drunk Panzer with a bottle (either bottle)
Taunt kill Tri
Kill Spycheck with the bazaar bargain.
Zgreenz with the eviction notice
JFrosty with the spycicle
Tenebrae with the holiday cheer

Spycheck with the neon sign
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Re: Scavenger Hunt Objective List
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2012, 06:53:37 pm »
Meet the Pyro tasks

Team 1: 560

Team 2: 560

Easy (20 points)
Stereotyping:  Knock off a demoman's head with the hitman's headmaker.
Going Rambo:  Buy ammo regen and get 3 kills with the cleaner's carbine crits. (might need to be added to RTD).
Fastinating:  Kill a heavy with the baby's face blaster.
THE FURY:  Get a screenshot of spycheckme as "The Fury"
Good job little buddy: Get a kill and assist with a buddy item equiped (teddy bear, alien parasite, ect) that you renamed.
Crate job:  Open a scorched crate.
BBQ chicken:  Dominate someone with the robot chicken hat.

Medium (30 points)
Mobility man:  Capture the flag as a scout with the Force a' nature, pretty boy pocket pistol, and atomizer.
Knockout!: Knock someone into a hazard using the scorch shot (off a cliff, into an rtd trap).
Ludicrous speed!:  Use crit-a-cola and the baby's face blaster to capture a flag super fast.
IMMA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE: Heal a rocket jumper or sticky jumper soldier as a quick fix medic to reach a normally inaccessible place.
Balloon buddy:  Get a balloonicorn.
We have ignition:  Win doomsday with an astronaut / space costume equipped (it has to be believable).

Hard (40 points)
EEEAAATTTTTT TTTHHIIISSS!:  Use a kritzkrieg medic to unleash 3 crit rockets at once with the beggers bazooka and kill someone.
NNEEEVVVEEERRR!: Reflect 3 beggers bazooka rockets at the same time and kill someone.
Ready fire aim:  Have 3 pyros shoot off the scorch shot at the same time using the scorch shot taunt.
El' diablo:  Buy an invisibility roll and taunt kill someone using the pyro's fury.
Big Sucker:  Kill a heavy with a lollipop.[color]
You set me up!:  Complete one of the cities on fire set and take a picture.
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Re: Scavenger Hunt Objective List
« Reply #5 on: July 25, 2012, 08:03:08 am »
Final Stretch Objectives

Team 1: 1130

Team 2: 1080

I'll be adding at least one of these every day.

Medium last chance tasks (Worth 30 points each)

F is for friends who do stuff together:  Equip the hat of friendship.
U is for you and me:  Uber someone with toxic.
N is for anywhere and anytime at all:  RTV and get a map vote going, go to a map that isnt usually played.
Down here in the deep blue sea:  Kill someone underwater with a rocket.
Nuke the whales:  Have a bomb detonate and kill someone on a whale.
Fat Scout:  Use the steak sammich or GRU to run fast and capture the intelligence.
Lunch time!:  Use the new sapper to turn a mini sentry into a lunch box.
Heres yer sign:  On a melee mode map, coordinate with a madmilk scout to crit people using the neon sign as a pyro.
Always be cleaving:  Buy ammo regain and throw cleavers everywhere to get 3 kills.
Hatchet Hunter:  Kill someone with the hatchet after they got stuck in a bear trap.
Mapinator:  Post 3 screenshots of map ideas you'd like in the "RTD Home map thread"
Fitting in: Wear something Asian on the new Kong King map.

Home stretch harder tasks (Worth 50 points each)

Speed trap:  Backstab a speed heavy.
Wait what?:  Get a headshot kill with the sydney sleeper (this is possible, show kill icon and have it equipped)
If you took more than one shot!:  Do 500 damage in one shot (instant kills, backstabs do not count).
Ker-Blam:  Using the beggers bazooka, be ubered and GIB 3 people using the backfires from loading too many rockets.
I fell into a burning ring of fire:  As invisible heavy, use the new minigun to light people on fire.
Soul sisters:  Have a picture of the kill feed where rhia and dragonsis are both dead.
Vintage collection:  Post a loadout with all vintage items in every possible slot (except action slot)
Truly Genuine:  Post a load out with all genuine items in every possible slot (except action slot)

Finale team tasks (Worth 100 points each)
Bird is the word:  Take a picture of 5 teammates as demoman with birds.
Boxing day:  Win a round with 5 melee heavies on a non melee mode map.
They SWARM:  Have 5 mini sentries in the same area from engineers on your team.
OctoSolly:  Have 8 Medics with the quick flix fly high in the air healing a soldier.
OMG RAWKETS:  Coordinate with 2 other soldiers to launche a barrage of rockets using the beggers bazooka.
Uber stomp:  Have 5 people invulnerable at once

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