Author Topic: The Jetpack: Being the Rocketman  (Read 935 times)


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The Jetpack: Being the Rocketman
« on: July 17, 2012, 03:05:17 pm »
The Jetpack, what was once only enjoyed by the Pyros, is now available to everyone.  While easier to use while fighting, you might find yourself being a sitting duck if you aren't careful.

What is the Jetpack?
The Jetpack is an "equipped roll" that works on all classes, essentially giving you the ability to "fly" to a certain extent.  The Jetpack is limited to having a supply of fuel, which you can refill by not using the Jetpack.  To take flight, just jump and hold the key down.  You can descend and regain altitude by feathering the jump key - just watch your fuel supply.  Just note that the Jetpack doesn't provide full air control, it's hard to change direction while enjoying the weather up there!  There are two perks available for the Jetpack, which I'll talk about below.  Picking up another Jetpack while having one yourself will instantly refill your Jetpack's fuel supply.

Which classes gain the most from having a Jetpack?
The ability to have increased mobility is a great boon for all classes, however the Jetpack does have some limitations in regards to specific classes.

Snipers aren't the best shooting while jetting around, especially with the Huntsman as the Huntsman cannot shoot while airborne.  Heavies also cannot do their thing while using the Jetpack as well as the Miniguns won't spin up until they land again.  Scouts already have a double jump as standard movement, while the Jetpack does bolster this even more so, it can be more of a hinderance as the Jetpack doesn't really allow for the Scout to change direction after the second jump.  Engineers, Medics, and Pyros will all benefit nicely by the ability to go vertical for either an escape mechanism or even ambushing.  Spies will adore the Jetpack since the ability to go vertical grants them even more ways to escape from a foiled plan or to make even more ridiculous back stabs possible!  Demomen becomes a very serious threat to any Engineer nest that doesn't have a Wranger or some way to stop said Demo from just flying OVER the nest and literally pooping on the nest with sticky bombs!  However, the Soldier gets a HUGE advantage with the Jetpack equipped since rockets don't have to be manually detonated - just fire away from above and rain terror on the opposing team!!

Available Perks
Two perks are available to those that love being above their foes.  There's a faster recharge perk and a increased fuel capacity perk available for 1 T.P. (talent point) each.  Faster Recharge essentially doubles the rate you refuel the Jetpack while not in use.  Longer Airtime doubles the amount of fuel the Jetpack can carry.

To be continued...