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We were on Hightower, Golgi didn't like it, so he quietly bought proxy stickies. When the server crashed I checked the console to see if proxy stickies were rolled, but the console says he bought them. He fully knew it would crash the server.

I like Golgi, so I don't really want him banned, but give him a warning and proxy stickies need a temp. removal or an immediate fix.


Proxy stickies are removed, stupid update rolling stuff back.
Golgi don't pull this shit again or I can garuntee you won't like what will happen as a consequence.
Oh, and don't pull the "oh I didn't know" because we all know you hate hightower, and everyone should know by now things get rolled back and screwed up (maps, rolls, loss of dice, ect) after an update. Either way you pretty much killed the server.

I did you a service and you know it.

Either way, I promise not to do it again.

Hight tower is one of my favorite maps, so no, there was no service

I find this funny but still...  Don't do it again.  Everyone has a map they hate.  Try to get people to RTV it next time.


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