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MvM: Strategies
« on: August 17, 2012, 09:37:48 am »
Post some strategies and whatnot that you've found :)

I'll start:


Loadout: Crossbow, Kritzkrieg, Amputator

Reasoning:  Focusing on healing the whole time, crossbow for possible emergency long range heals, amputator for emergency group heals, +1 hp regen bonus, kritzkrieg to wreck shit.  I'm going to try to use overdose, kritzkrieg, and ubersaw next time; going to see if I can get uber by meleeing tanks.

Goal:  Keep everyone alive, do massive damage with kritz.  You want to try to level up faster healing first, then its pretty much preference.  Focus on making that medigun a super healing machine.

Who to uber?:  Brass beast heavies have the highest DPS in the game, makes short work of tanks and anything else.  Uber a demo before a wave starts to put crit stickies everywhere.  Soldier with an upgraded beggers bazooka will go to town on those robots as well.  Engineer for faster sentry shootan.

Survival:  Have your engineer put a dispenser nearby works great to heal as a medic.  Heavy sandviches help a ton too.  I became the glass cannon of healing; I died VERY fast when I was hit with shit, but everyone else had tons of health and lived long enough for me to return and start healing again.  Try to hang back and move around alot; heal everyone, make sure they all have buffed health.

Other tips?:  Medic bots only uber when they get low on health.  Kill them in one shot to prevent this.  Burst damage is key: sniper, spy, demo crit stickies.  Something that will gib them before they uber.  Coordinate with your team to hold back and let one of those 3 take them out.  We laid sticky traps that killed all the medics healing the super heavy at once; worked great.


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Re: MvM: Strategies
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2012, 12:11:22 pm »
overdose, kritzkrieg, and ubersaw is better. With spy/snipers, medics can take them out easily, and you build uber super quickly.

The best thing to do against tanks is kritz a beggar bazooka who has like 9 rockets loaded, them switch over to a heavy.

Don't do the overheal perk, do a long uber first, then heal rate, then bullet resistance, followed by uber charge rate, then fill in depending on how things are going.