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Beginner's Guide to RTD
« on: August 07, 2010, 01:53:26 pm »
Welcome to RTD Gaming!  If you are new here, please read.

I decided to make a quick little guide to help new people figure out what RTD is and how to play effectively.


What is RTD?

RTD stands for Roll the Dice and it is a mod that can be implemented in source games such as TF2.  It allows the user to roll the dice and receive a bonus (such as instant kills) or a penalty (such as 1hp).  It is designed to make gameplay a bit more erratic and random resulting in crazy chaos and hilarious events.  If this is your first time playing TF2 then I recommend playing on a regular server for a bit so that you can understand game play a bit better before you play on RTD.  This way you can figure out mechanics, and strategy that don't revolve around relying on rolls.

How does it work?

Well you type: rtd  in chat and you either receive a good roll or a bad roll.  

How are people rolling so fast?  I have to type rtd in manually every time.

If you wanted to roll the dice every time you pressed h, you would type in the developer console (make sure to enable it by going to Options/Multiplayer/Advanced first!) bind "h" "say rtd".  (Thanks Condor!)

What do credits do? How do I earn credits?  How do I give credits?

Credits are used to buy things in the shop.  You earn them by killing players, picking up presents that may contain a few credits, and you get 1 credit every minute.  You can give credits to other players through the shop menu.

How do I "Buy" things?  Whats RTV mean?  

Type "buy" to buy things.  You'll get a menu that pops up, use 1 - 0 to navigate through it.  Just read what it says, its pretty self explanatory.  Remember, there is a credit limit of 100 per round to prevent rich players from destroying other teams.  RTV stands for rock the vote, its used when you want to change the map that is currently being played.  You can also use "Nominate" to pick a map you want to play and other people can vote on it.

WTF I keep getting bad rolls!  What gives!?

Chance Formula:
0.5 + amountOfBadRolls[client] + added_chance[client] = Chance
*Every bad roll you receive increases amountOfBadRolls by 0.1
added_chance is determined by the Dice Perk
You will receive a Good Roll if Chance > GetRandomFloat(0.0, 1.0)

Theres some kind of... magic code thingy... that increases your chance of getting a good roll when you get multiple bad rolls in a row.  Just keep trying.  You could also increase your dice to help you roll more often and have a better chance at good rolls.

Wait roll more often?

When you roll the dice, you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can roll again.  Getting points by building, killing players, or helping your team out will reduce the time it takes before you can roll again.

What about Dice?

Dice is like experience points or Reputation.  You can collect dice by finding a die hidden in maps when they spawn, buying them for 50 credits, or by being an MVP when you team wins or being the top MVP when your team loses.  Collect lots of dice to get special "Perks."

Perks?  Like rolls?

Sort of.  If you collect 20 dice, you gain more time reduction on your rolls per point you get.  If you get 40 dice, you have a better chance at rolling.  Heres a link to the list if you want to check it out:


If you have any ideas, the best place to put them is here:  Make sure you read all of the rules about posting ideas and try to skim through all the topics so we don't have any repeat ideas (theres like 3 or 4 threads with the "fake dice" idea.  Its a good idea, but it doesn't have to be stated 100 times.)  Try to keep it balanced too.  Is a "kill everyone on the other team instantly" roll fun?  What if it happens to you?

O.k I think I got it... Collect dice, get better, level up.  Anything else I should know?

I'm going to go in detail in the next window down about some advanced tactics and general information to help new players out.
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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2010, 02:17:04 pm »
How to Play Effectively

I often see many new players waste potentially good rolls in the spawn room or that don't know what to do against things that they face.  Of course I can't go every single roll in detail; but I can give general advice.  Keep in mind that some rolls may be added, removed or changed since the server is constantly updating and changing.

Where should I roll?

When starting out for the first time, its best to roll somewhere safe, such as in your spawn.  If you roll 1hp, big deal, touch the cabinet, heal to full and continue on.  Now rolling that in the middle of battle... thats a problem.  Keep in mind if you roll something good, like instant kills, you can change to a deadlier class in the spawn (like scout) to better utilize certain rolls. (Some rolls DO NOT change with your class.  And some RESET if you touch the supply cabinet such as hoard of ammo)  The only draw back of rolling in the spawn is that you have to run to get to the action out in the battlefield.

If you want to get a bit more risky, you can roll during combat or in the middle of an area.  It may save your life if you roll godmode or give you plenty of time to utilize a roll like crits.

Rolling before a match begins is a good idea too but keep in mind that if you roll something that last 20 seconds when the gates haven't opened yet, you won't be able to use that roll at all.  Try to time it before the gates open like 10 seconds or so.

Where should I put _____ roll?

I honestly can't tell you that here.  It depends on the roll.  Talk to your team though!  They may have a good spot to put your roll or use it.  Here is a few examples of using some rolls:

On Defense:  Telespheres on the cart will warp players away from the cart to prevent them from pushing it.  Putting ice on a cap point, such as point E on steel will make players slip off and fall to their deaths.  Putting a flame near sentrys nests will mark spies easily and make it harder to sap.

On Offense:  Slow cubes on choke points will slow the defending team from rushing out of their spawn, like near point 2 on stage 2 of dustbowl near the fence.  Putting pumpkins, flames, or other nasty things on sentry nests will make repairing and moving stuff even harder.

In General:  Put sandwiches next to dispensers will help heal team mates faster.  Proximity mines near choke points and health kits will kill weaken foes on the other team.  Amplifiers near lots of team mates in areas where you can take cover will help them utilize the minicrit effect without being exposed to a ton of damage.

Where NOT to put rolls:  Don't put telespheres on the intelligence.  Players on the other team will teleport with the intelligence back near THEIR intelligence for easy capping.  Do not put cages on points because enemy team mates will be able to cap them while having a protective wall around them.  Don't drop rolls in the spawn room, it won't help your team at all.

Help!  I keep using my uber early or detonating my stickies when I right click to use items!  WAT DO!?

Alright, alright calm down.  Remember how we did a key bind for rolling?  We can do a key bind for "+use" which will allow you to use your rolls.  Type: bind "L" "say +use"  into the console and it should work.  Don't forget to go into options (Type options in chat) to set it to +use instead of right clicking.

Is there a quicker way to buy rolls?  I keep dying when I go through the menu.

There is actually.  Some if not all rolls have a shortcut.  For example, if you type "buy pumpkins" into the chat, you'll receive the pumpkin roll.  Familiarize yourself with rolls you like and may use often so that you can buy something quick in a pinch.

Wait dude!  I can't see my credits!  How do I know what I have?

You might have to type "movehud" into chat and move stuff around a bit.  Its pretty self explanatory.

So what are all the rolls anyway?

Check the list here:  That is a list of new rolls that have been implemented.  Whether they were made by admins, modified from other people who made them or ideas from RTD people.  Its good to read through most of them too, because some rolls have promo codes.

Wait... Promo code?

Yeah, promo codes.  Yeah if you type it into chat in the game, you'll get some dice and a free roll for the promo.  Good way to level up dice perks early.  I won't put the codes here since I want people to read through rolls and find them themselves.  At this time I typed this, theres about 4 of them.

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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2010, 02:50:04 pm »
Understanding Roll Mechanics

I often here complaints sometimes (I've had my share as well) to different events that occur in RTD.  What rolls cancel each other out?  What does what?  I'll clarify on some of the confusing rolls that people see.


This roll throws people for a loop a lot.  The way it works is as follows:  If you touch an enemy telesphere (its the other teams color) then you will be teleported after a few seconds to THE FARTHEST PLAYER ON YOUR TEAM FROM THE TELESPHERE.  More often then not, you'll get sent back to the spawn.  But if a telesphere is put right in front of your spawn... what happens?  Well my friend, you get an instant teleport that will take you to the front lines.  Say there is a spy on your team far into enemy territory and theres a telesphere in front of your base.  Well your team mates will start spawning by the spy.

Keep in mind that this can happen to your team too.  NEVER put a telesphere on the intelligence.  Its far away from the enemy spawn, so they'll warp back near their intelligence for instant caps.  And yes, the intelligence goes with them when they go into the sphere.  The general strategy for using telespheres is to put them in choke points, on points, or on the cart in order to warp the other team away from the objective.  Putting them in the middle or far end of the map is the best strategy.

Oh and spies can sap telespheres if they disguise as the other team and stand in it for about 20 seconds with a sapper.


When you're invisibility you can still be set on fire, jarateed, bleed, or have water drip off of you.  Also the halo glow, and musical notes from the ear buds will show if you look careful enough.  Dominating someone will have the nemesis icon above your head as well so be aware of that.  Crit effects such as rolling crits or having minicrits will show electricity where you are located.  Healing effects to and from you will do the same.

Crouch invisibility will fade if you fall down from a height even if you're crouched.  Low health invisibility activates like a dead ringer, dropping a fake corpse on the ground.  You slowly heal as well until you can be seen again.

Class Immunity

This one gets a lot of questions from people.  You will take 1 damage per hit from any weapon.  About 2-3 from crits and minicrits.  And 20~ from kill taunts.  Bleed effects and fire still hurt you, but only do 1 damage per tick.  Instant kills will kill you instantly regardless if you are immune to that class or not.

Spies sappers will not work if an engineer is immune.  Backstab is not an instant kill either.  Being immune to engineers includes their sentry guns.  Immunity will also effect all rolls from that class such as zombies, rollermines, flames, ect.

Instant Kills

Whatever you shoot, dies.  Your rolls will kill people too.  Armor will not protect you either.  That includes roller minds, flames, ect.  No exceptions.

Spiders / Zombies / Roller Mines

Spiders are true bros.  They can be healed by a medic (stand near them, and don't click your medigun.  It recharges faster this way too) as well as being ubered.  They can drop health and ammo kits and give birth to new spiders (only if there are less than 2 spiders on your team).  To top it off, they flame enemies like a pyro!  They can be killed as well by shooting at them.  They die fairly fast too so its always a good idea to kill enemy spiders right away.  They can damage buildings as well and usually cause chaos for your team.

Zombies are chaotic, they will stumble around and attack enemy players.  They generally have a large pool of health but move slow.  They can be killed just like spiders.  They can damage and destroy buildings as well.

Roller mines are fast, persistent and hard to kill.  They get knocked back by every hit you land on them.  These little bastards are annoying, and usually require a couple of people to kill them fast.  They can give an engineer a headache too if they attack buildings.  Friendly engineers can also repair them using the regular wrench.


An amplifier works like crit-a-cola does for the scout; it gives your teammates mini crits when they stand next to it, but they also take minicrits in return as damage.  In addition to this, amplifiers can "overload" at certain times awarding your teammates full criticals for 3 seconds.  Amplifiers can be destroyed after taking 800 damage from the other team, but they can also be repaired to by anyone on your team meleeing the amplifier.  Be careful though, meleeing it will take a little bit of health away in exchange for it receiving more health.  Amplifiers shine great on defense next to dispensers, and behind cover so that your team mates can reload, and heal in safety as well as healing the amplifier.


Sandwiches are colored red or blue depending on the team you're on.  They are only like the heavy's sandvich in appearance, not function.  They work more like a lvl 1 dispenser, healing anyone near it for a short amount of time.  The best place to put sandwiches is near health kits, dispensers, or in obvious areas that people can go to if hurt.  And they only heal people on your team too (not sure about disguised spies, I don't think it heals them).

Pitching Machine / Bear Trap

Both of these rolls stun similiar to the sandman.  The bear trap does a full stun when you walk over it (affects disguised spies too).  While the pitching machine does the short range stun by flinging balls.  Both have limited health and can be destroyed by the other team.

Slow Cube

Slow cubes will slow down players on the opposite team that enter it.  This does not affect projectiles or "critter" rolls.  Protip: By quick weapon switching (using Q) you can navigate through a slow cube faster.

More to come!
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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2010, 01:21:13 pm »
RTD Options

To activate RTD Options type "option" in chat


1.Use +USE over +ATTACK2
This allows you to specify the +USE command so you can drop or activate certain rolls.

2. Halo effect when your team loses
On round end when your team loses a halo is shown around you. Note: Currently not working

3. DISABLE RTD messages in chat
Cut back on chat spam and have all RTD messages removed.

Allows you to gain more HlStatsX points but it also makes you 50% weaker

5.Ragdoll dissolves
Enemy ragdolls are dissolved

6.Set Character Voice Pitch
Allows you to set your character's pitch from Low, Normal and High.


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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
« Reply #4 on: August 12, 2010, 11:29:18 pm »
Weapon Choices

RTD servers differ from normal servers so consider the following when selecting your weapons.


Scattergun / Force a nature / Short Stop:  If you roll hoard of ammo or buy it, its is excellent for both but it really shines for the FaN or shortstop.  Preference really.
Pistol / Crit a Cola / Bonk / Mad Milk!:  Bonk will allow you to survive everything, even instant kills.  You gain a lot of critical attacks through rolls, and presents so the Cola is ehhh o.k.  Pistol is great for long distance picks when you get criticals.  Milk is great for team work and very useful with hoard of ammo.
Bat / Sandman / Holy Mackerel:  Again, preference.  There are a few stun rolls so the sandman won't be used a whole lot but it can be great with hoard of ammo since you get multiple balls.  The fish is just like the bat.


Rocket Launcher / Direct Hit / Black Box:  The Rawket Lawnchair and Black Box are better when you receive critz effects since they have a bigger splash.  The Direct hit is great for destroying buildings and traps.
Buff Banner / Gunboats / Shotgun / Battalion's Backup:  Buff Banner can be charged quickly through critical attacks, and any roll that damages people.  The battalion's backup is great if you have regen health, or an easy way to damage yourself (like a flame) and a quick way to heal.  Gunboats are useful for aerial assaults.  Shotgun is a good choice too especially with instant kills.  
Shovel / Equalizer / Pain Train / Frying Pan:  Shovel and Frying pan are decent since there is a good chance of getting criticals.  Equalizer is great for escaping rolls and general surprise if you're invisible.  Pain Train is great for ninja caps while invisible or with noclip.


Flamethrower / Backburner / Degreaser:  You get criticals a lot from rolls making the backburner's crit effect a moot point.  The extra damage is handy if you roll immunity or god mode.  Using the airblast is great since someone on the other team can roll god mode, horde of ammo, or criticals (with a projectile class) so you can basically turn the roll around and use it on them.  The degreaser is like the flamethrower but useful if you like to quick weapon switch.
Shotgun / Flare gun:  Preference really.  Although a lot of people are on fire alot making the flare more deadly.
Fire Axe / Axetinguisher / Homewrecker / Powerjack:  You barely melee as a pyro but rolling fire bullets makes the axetinguisher deadly.  Homewrecker is great on defense or if you're immune / ubered to wreck a base up.  The powerjack can't crit, but if you have a critical effect it can two shot an overhealed heavy.


Grenade Launcher:  Well at this time its the only primary weapon that can't be switched.  Great for hoard of ammo.
Sticky Bomb Launcher / Scottish Resistance / Charge-n-Targe:  Sticky bomb launcher and Scottish resistance are pretty much based on preference.  Great for defense and when you get crits to put critical bombs everywhere.  The charge is good but can be stopped by a few rolls such as slow cube.
Bottle / Eyelander / Scotsman Scullcutter / Frying pan: Preference really.  Although you can get criticals a good bit making the Eyelander deadly and easier to rack up heads.

Heavy Weapons Guy

Minigun / Nastascha:  You gain criticals a lot making the damage reduction on nastascha a moot point.  Although if you roll speed the minigun is far more deadly.
Sandvich / Dakola's Bar / Shotgun:  Sandvich is great to heal you or team mates from random fire damage or any other nasty RTD effect.  I personally find the candy bar useless.  The shotgun is good for trying to stay mobile.  
Fists / Killing Gloves of Boxing / Gloves of Running Urgently:  Again, you gain criticals a lot through RTD making the boxing gloves reward a tad insignificant.  If you have regen health, or a medic buddy the GRU are a great choice for maneuvering around.


Shotgun / Frontier Justice:  Random criticals DO NOT work with the frontier justice because of how its coded.  I find the shotgun more effective for RTD.
Pistol / Wrangler:  The pistol is nasty with criticals.  The wrangler is good on defense but keep in mind that invisible enemies take 0 damage from your sentry, even if you aim it.
Wrench / Golden Wrench / Southern Hospitality / Gunslinger:  Always use the golden wrench, no exceptions.  This is the best RTD weapon you can have.  Gunslinger is better on offense because of the quick building sentry.  Be careful of using the southern hospitality because there are many random fire effects on the server.


Syringe Gun / Blutsauger:  You get more health per second with the syringe gun but the blutsauger can heal you on hitting enemies.  Preference really.
Medigun / Kritzkrieg:  Medigun is great for making people invincible with powerful rolls.  Kritzkrieg is decent, but many players will gain criticals through rolls or presents anyway.
Bonesaw / Ubersaw / Vita saw:  Bonesaw attacks faster but you gain uber if you use the ubersaw.  Ubersaw is great when your invisible in order to gain some extra ubercharge power.  Vita saw is good if you want to save a bit of the ubercharge when you respawn.


Sniper Rifle / Huntsman / Sydney Sleeper:  Preference really.  Critical effects with the sniper rifle make it deadly for no scoping.  The jarate effect is useful for helping your team out.
Submachine Gun / Jarate / Razorback / Darwin's Danger Sheild:  The machine gun is scary with instant kills.  Jarate is great with hoard of ammo since you can spam it everywhere.  The extra health is preference really.
Kukri / Tribalman's Shiv / Bushwacka: Preference really.  The bushwacka always crits near an amplifier.


Revolver / Ambassador / L'Entranger:  The revolver does more damage with critical attacks which is great since you gain critical effects a lot.  The ambassador does do criticals on headshots, but does less damage overall.  The L'Entranger is good for escaping and gaining some cloak back.  Critical damage list: Revolver; 120.  Ambassador; 102.  Le' Entrene; 96.
Knife / Your Eternal Reward:  If you buy invisibility, the eternal reward is insanely effective.  Both are preference really, depends on the situation.
Invisibility watch / Cloak-n-Dagger / Dead ringer:  Dead ringer will not save you from instant kills (not confirmed, i'm just assuming).  The dead ringer will protect you from all of the crazy traps and hazards from rolls that damage you.  Preference really for the cloaks.  

Yeah you're an idiot... I just read all of that.  All you did was explain what all of the weapons do; I already know that.

Yes... and no.  All of the weapons have their strengths and weaknesses.  But some are generally BETTER on RTD because their effects and abilities are canceled out by rolls or effects (for example, the frontier justice only has 3 ammo, and can only use "revenge crits" even if you gain a critical effect through rolls.  Because of this, I feel that the shotgun is superior in RTD since it has 6 shots and can gain criticals.).


You want a weapon that has a large clip, that isn't very accurate but does damage regardless of how much.  Some deadly weapons for this are: Shotguns, rocket launcher, SMG, Needle Gun, Minigun, Sticky Bombs, and Pipe Bombs.  When you roll instant kills, its good to be a class that has speed, like the scout.  Combined with the scattergun, you can take out a whole team with your speed.  If you have the buff banner as a soldier, instant kills will instantly fill up your rage bar.  I personally prefer being a medic with instant kills.  Good speed, needles that spread everywhere, and people don't really consider you a threat = a perfect deadly combination.
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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
« Reply #5 on: August 16, 2010, 03:24:08 pm »
Just a quick correction to the guide (which was deleted earlier): for binding keys, the command is:

bind "<whatever key you want>" "say rtd"

To bind different keys: to bind a letter, just put the letter inside the first quotes. Same goes for symbols like "[" or ";".

To bind a function key (F1 - F12), type f1, f2, f3 etc. all the way to f12 WITHOUT THE QUOTES (this is very important). Similarly, shift and control are shift and ctrl WITHOUT QUOTES.

To bind a key on the keypad (this is where my RTD binds are) is a bit trickier. I'll list all the numbers on the keypad to what you type to bind them:

1: KP_end
2: KP_downarrow
3: KP_pgdn
4: KP_leftarrow
5: KP_5
6: KP_rightarrow
7: KP_home
8: KP_uparrow
9: KP_pgup
0: KP_ins
.: KP_del

You do need quotes around these to bind them to a key, and to use them, Number Lock must be activated.
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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
« Reply #6 on: August 16, 2010, 09:14:39 pm »
bind "<whatever key you want>" "say rtd"

To bind different keys: to bind a letter, just put the letter inside the first quotes. Same goes for symbols like "[" or ";".

To bind a function key (F1 - F12), type f1, f2, f3 etc. all the way to f12 WITHOUT THE QUOTES (this is very important). Similarly, shift and control are shift and ctrl WITHOUT QUOTES.

You do need quotes around these to bind them to a key, and to use them, Number Lock must be activated.
';' = 'semicolon' to bind.
You cannot bind ';' to a function.

You will NEVER need to encase the key to bind in quotes.
You will only not need the quotes around the binded function if there aren't any spaces for the called function.
Ex: bind a noclip   --  bind b buddha


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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
« Reply #7 on: August 23, 2010, 04:18:49 pm »
General Class Based Strategy


Utilize the scout's speed to your full advantage!  Since you have low health, its best to roll when you are away from the fighting since you can dash right back in and cause damage with whatever you roll.  Employ gorilla warfare too!  Run in, drop a nasty roll down like pumpkins, and get out as you reek havoc on the other team.

Invisibility is great as a scout for grabbing the intel, and capping points.  Toxic is also deadly when you run through the other team, dodging attacks while killing everyone around you especially if you have Bonk!.

You can utilize Bonk! to run behind enemy lines (like right into an engineer nest) and drop a bad roll like fireball, pumpkins, telesphere, bear traps, or slow cubes.  Its a great way to cause havoc in areas that are considered safe by the other team.
(Add more tips / tricks would be great!  I don't play scout that much)


Practically every roll can be utilized by the soldier in someway.  Crits / crit spurts are devastating.  Regen health will make your rocket jumps more deadly and effective.  Any Invis roll will work great with the equalizer.  Berserker is great for taking out classes with high HP.  Hoard of ammo = rockets everywhere (did they fix buying this with berserker or vice versa?)  

You can utilize trap rolls in tight corridors to easily pick off people with rockets (this will help for that on soldier achievement too!)  Instant kills are great as a soldier utilizing the splash damage of the rockets (one kill will fill up the buff banner rage meter too!)  

Using the buff banner is great for the minicrit effect spread to your team mates.  Filling up the rage bar is pretty easy too if you pick up a present that gives you criticals or if you roll crits.  Also setting enemies on fire or using roller mines or other rolls that damage the other team will help fill it up as well.


If you roll immunity you should immediately make yourself heavy immune since its your natural counter (you'll still be slown down by natascha though so be careful.)  Rolling crits will make your fire deadly but don't forget that your flare gun and shotgun for ranged attacks.  Rolling fire bullets will make your axe automatically crit, remember that as well as the flaregun.  

Instant kills is best used with the shotgun since the range falloff damage is moot (any damage, even 1 will kill someone instantly.)  Roll godmode?  Congratulations, go W+M1 on their ass and wreck havok.  Invisible pyros are great for ambushing, but be careful you don't overdue it because they can still see your flames when you spew them; flame a bit, then flank (invisibility is great with the backburner.)    

Health regen is great since you can't catch on fire, but you aren't invincible.  This applies to buffed health as well, don't be tempted to go kamikaze on the other team.  Berserker is useless unless you use the flare gun or the shotgun.  If you roll noclip, going to the enemy spawn and setting everyone ablaze disrupts the other team a lot.

(Thanks for the help Star Adder!)


There are many rolls that can turn the demoman into a destructive force.  Crits spurt or dice can make your eyelander deadlier for easy head nabbin'.  Stickies are also extremely effective when they are all criticals.  Hoard of ammo or berserker can help you create havoc with pipe bomb spam.  If you put stickies in a cage or on a bear trap, its a great way to get guaranteed kills when people are trapped.

Invisible demoman are dangerous in that they can rack up heads with the eyelander (brotip, your glowing eye will still show outside of the invisibility) or place stickies underneath people very sneakylike.  Instant kills also make the explosions deadly; especially the stickies.  


Defensive rolls will really shine to keep you alive such as immunity (from spies or snipers), regen health, and armor.  Be aware that instant kills will kill you no matter what, so try not to stack too many rolls if you want to conserve credits.  Ubercharger will turn you and your medic into a destructive force to be reckoned with.  Remember to stay alive in between ubers, always go for cover.  Hoard of ammo is a bit useless, but you won't run out of bullits anytime soon.

If you buy the hulk, be careful of pyros, spies and sentry guns.  They can kill you fast regardless of the armor.  Also be careful of ghosts, since you may be too slow to outrun them and be permanently scared if they chase you.  Bear traps can also give you a hard time as well as pitching machines.  Always take a second or two to destroy things like cages or enemy amplifiers; the damage you output will take that stuff up exceptionally fast.


Engineer has some rolls that can make or break a game. Regen health can help a ton when your sentry is getting attacked with rockets and you're taking a bit of damage from them. Berserker is great for this too, but on top of it, can repair buildings and kill spies like it's nothing. Invisibility is great for offense (on certain maps) for you can sneak past everyone, build a base, and attack from all angles. Flames and bear traps can also be your best friend and stop spies. For those pesky angle advantage soldiers and demos, the pitching machine is your man. Armor or horde of ammo can help during tough times. (Thanks Mario!)

Backpacks full of ammo are great for repairing and building up bases quick.  Amplifiers are great to put next to dispensers since you can repair them, and heal at the same time (this includes teammates) also standing next to them gives your sentry minicrits, even if you aren't near the sentry.  Traps are best utilized by engineers to protect sentry nests and help funnel the other team into your sentry gun such as using ice, or blocking an alternative path with a slow cube.  Rolling class immunity and choosing spy will make you immune to sappers as well.  Consider picking demo or heavy if there aren't many spies and they keep harassing your stuff.

Any roll that effects you, effects your sentry as well such as fire bullets.


Defensive rolls that increase your armor or health regen shine the best for medics.  Health regen stacks with your natural regen so the needlegun will be better with that roll.  The blatsauger even stacks with the vampire roll resulting in double healing.  Armor and buffed health are great too, but keep in mind it doesn't make you invincible.  Backpacks help a ton too if there are health kits in it.  You will gain a lot of points from assists as well filling them quickly.  Make sure your team mates know you have one so they can pick it up if you get killed.

Having teamates that roll ubercharger will really help you fill the uber meter fast.  Try not to focus only on that person though, you have other team mates to heal.  Keep the ubercharger person alive at any costs so that you can keep filling the meter up fast.  Spiders can be healed by you too if you stand near them with the medigun out.  It will do it automatically.  (Protip: standing near more the one spider on your team, will heal all of them as well as increasing your uber meter a TON.)

If you feel lucky, you can try to be sneaky with rolls like invisibility, noclip, godmode, ect and try to get ubersaw kills to fill up your meter.  Class immunity will help with that too (especially on heavys or pyros who get right up next to you.)

I feel the kritzkrieg is relatively useless since many people will get crit effects automatically on the server.  Invincibility is always useful.


Any type of Invisibility roll is extremely useful as a sniper but remember if you dominate someone, or wear certain equipment you can be seen easily.  Jarate is great to use with damaging rolls like fireball, rollermines, ect since it will make those attacks minicrits.  Crits spurt is great with the sniper rifle since even no scoping will do at least 150 damage per shot; you can one shot most classes easily.  Hoard of ammo is extremely useful with the jarate.  You can rack up a lot of points as well as help your team out if you throw piss everywhere on the other team (don't forget to extinguish teammates with it :D)

Instant kills is best used with the SMG for deadly rampages or with the sniper rifle for easy picks, kind of worthless with the huntsman though.  Godmode is a bit useless but you can often rush in for some melee kills.  Noclip doesn't help too much either since you can't zoom in or fire the bow if you're in the air; you can often use it to get in good spots behind enemy lines though.  Fire bullets will help finish off people you hit with the huntsman or sniper rifle.  

Class Immunity is great to be immune to enemy snipers, spies, or scouts; this will help you concentrate better.  Trap rolls such as cage or bear trap can be used to protect your sniping area from spies or people that try to flank you.  Vampire and health regeneration help a lot since you normally aren't near medics, or get health kits from dead players.

(Big Thank you to Star Adder again for the help!)


You might have a hard time as spy at first since you have more hazards to navigate around such as fire, cages, slow cubes, spiders, ect.  Always keep an eye open for traps and make sure it is friendly before you wander into it.  Because of this, the dead ringer is especially powerful.  Immunity from pyros will help a lot, but you will still catch fire so be aware of that.  Same goes for jarate, or mad milk.  Invisibility is fucking powerful as a spy, you can get backstabs and no one will have any idea where you are.  This works especially well for your eternal reward and its silent killing.

Using the dead ringer and its 90% damage reduction, you can put some nasty traps right on top of people such as cages, flames, and bear traps.  This works great when you try to take out a sentry nest by putting some nasty hazards on top and then placing sappers down.  A few pumpkins will decimate an entire sentry nest, whether they are immune to spies or not.  Also be aware, people immune to you will not be killed by backstabs and their buildings will not be sappable.  If you roll godmode, go nuts and try to stab people or sap like crazy; don't worry about disguising or cloaking until its about to run out.

If you get ubercharger, be careful since enemy medics can heal you and gain uber faster.  Although you could use this to your advantage to lure a medic to heal you and uber you.  If you roll instant kills, don't even bother with the knife, use the revolver instead.  Telespheres can be "sapped" by standing in them, disguised as the other team, and holding out a sapper.  This can help your team out tremendously.
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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
« Reply #8 on: August 24, 2010, 10:03:45 pm »
I just want roll strategy for the classes if you please.


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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
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Ah. Sorry. We got a bit carried away.
No class should roll in the middle of a battle, no matter how skilled or how many dice they have. The chances to roll 1hp or melee mode are not very high if you have alot of dice, but I would still never risk it unless you have to. Roll close to the battle so that you can charge in if you get godmode or instakills or such, but usually not while you are being fired at.
If you roll godmode, focus on destroying buildings, because they can and will wreck havoc on your team. Obviously you may need to kill the engineer first, but if you destroy a sentry then your team can just run through.
With invisibility you should stay away from large groups of enemies, and dont get close to soldiers, demomen or pyros. Each of them can cause a large amout of damage in a large area, so if you get close to one, it won't matter that you are invisible. If you're a spy, then sapping buildings can be fun, but usually a pyro will run up and burn you. So only do that if a) you want fun and b) there is nobody of worth around (eg snipers, other spies, scouts)
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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
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Sorry I've been a tad lazy.  Updating a little bit tonight.  Did general medic stuff.  Demo, Heavy, Sniper, Engineer and Spy are left.  Anyone really good or play those classes alot want to lend some tips?  I know some general stuff (like buying crits with demo for crit stickies or crouch invisibility as sniper) but are there any tips that you guys have?  Thanks a bunch!


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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
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Engineer has some rolls that can make or break a game. Regen health can help a ton when your sentry is getting attacked with rockets and you're taking a bit of damage from them. Berserker is great for this too, but on top of it, can repair buildings and kill spies like it's nothing. Invisibility is great for offense (on certain maps) for you can sneak past everyone, build a base, and attack from all angles. Flames and bear traps can also be your best friend and stop spies. For those pesky angle advantage soldiers and demos, the pitching machine is your man. Armor or horde of ammo can help during tough times.


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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
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Heavies can take a hell of a beating and deal a ship-load of damage if played correctly (see Pastafarian). I would advise taking out enemies with rolls, suck as a regen health soldier, or a crit scout, because although you may be able to deal with them easily, the rest of your team might struggle. Support your medic. If your medic rolls melee mode or 1hp, stay back from charging into the main fighting because there are many rolls that can kill a lone heavy. This doesn't mean that you can't kill enemies, and if you see any, by all means shoot at them, but if you see an invisible enemy (when they shoot) or somebody with crits, run away, to somewhere you have the advantage, whether thats behind a corner, or in an open space near your base (they don't know whats out there)
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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
« Reply #13 on: September 05, 2010, 02:10:25 am »
I really like this thread.  My brain is maliciously eating the prose.

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Re: Beginner's Guide to RTD
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I would like to point out, If you have altered sound files that apply to certain classes... like music that plays when you ubercharge someone or are ubercharged... changing your voice pitch will effect that too...  -.- Flowering night does not sound good with either -.-
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